Research that begs to be applied

We were blown away to see how tax revenue drops the more roads cost per capita. We feel this analysis needs to be applied to other cities. We are excited to work with municipalities and see what else our analysis may expose with the benefit of local data.

Practical Applications for Cities

We want to create broader awareness of why good planning creates better outcomes and would love to work with municipalities on using our methodology to achieve that goal.

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    Road efficiency analysis

    We provide a picture of how areas of the city compare in their impact on servicing costs. These numbers can be used to identify growth targets that would have direct, obvious implications for reducing costs any taxpayer can appreciate.

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    Revenue analysis

    We quantify cross-subsidization, showing the difference between the costs areas generate compared to their tax revenue. Understanding which are subsidizing which is critical for sensible growth and tax policy.

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    Healthy Transportation Minimum Standards

    We create maps of where the road network structurally prevents active and public transportation. This analysis makes possible simple, quantitative standards to help ensure new developments do not prevent an active lifestyle.

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    Analysis can only change the future if results are communicated effectively to those who need to understand. We would love to help articulate key findings by way of graphic design, presentations and news media.

Let’s talk.

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